Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I received an AWESOME BLOG AWARD..... so happy......

I have received this AWESOME AWARD.. MY 1st ever from Cindy over at http://cardcrazeeme53@blogspot.com.  I am so excited and thank you from my wee lil heart.  She is helping me as I feel so computer 'dumb" on how to get this awesome award into/onto my gadgets..  yeesh.  

So.. 7 things about me and onto 8 sites that I just think are awesome.  I think there are far more than 8 blogs out there that are awesome!!  OH.. Just want to say, you all have raised my confidence level tremendously with comments on my blog.  I LOVE crafting BUT always think I am not good enough - but you here have shown love, opinions for imporoving when I ask and since this award.. I have to try harder and be more involved!  Thank you!!   so here goes...

1. I LOVE my Cricut.. a little obsessed and own about 125 cartridges.. (shhh.. don't tell my hubby)
2. We are raising a grandson, Jayden age 7 who has special needs he has Autism. We are learning A LOT!!
3. I have an obsession with paper, vinyl, and Peachy Keen Stamps and word/sayings stamps in general. and OMG.. I LOVE my Cuttlebug for embossing!
4.I was in the US ARMY from 1980 to 1989 (shh. does this tell my age lol)
5. I have 5 grandkids who drive me crazy but love em just the same!
6. In Nov 2010 myself and a friend started a Cricut Swarm here in Kansas. I started a blog as well.. slow going but we have fun!
7. I LOVE Ice-cream... all of it  BUT especially from Cold Stone Creamery

NOW...  onto passing this AWESOME..  Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award onto the following blog - sites that I think are awesome....

1. Corri - http://buglvr.blogspot.com
2. Dusti-  www.scrappinwithcricut.com
3. Diane - www.capadiadesign.com
4. Kristal - www.gettingcricky.com
5.         - www.cricutconfessions.com   Please if you know her name - please let me know. LOVE her blog
6. Tracy - www.craftjunkietoo.com
7. Jenny - http://crazyaboutcricut.blogspot.com
8. Helen - www.craftingcricutmom.com
This was awesome and fun.  never used the "link" before.  Thank you again...Cindy for thinking of me. :)  So please check out these awesome blogs.. Now.. it's time for me to tell them to check it out... (Right??)

So I am told.. you are to pass this onto 8 bloggers who inspire you and tell 7 things about yourself.

Enjoy the 1st day of Summer!


  1. Thank you Doris -- you're sweet! :)

  2. Congrats on your award and the win at Decorate to Celebrate! Your project was awesome:)
    Sherrie K

  3. Wow! 125 cartridges! That is awesome! Thank you for following and I also have some awards for you! Come on over and get them. Also, I added the follow me by email option. I'm kind of new to this so I wasn't sure how to add that, but I figured it out :)


  4. Hi Doris, Thank you so much for thinking of me! The bowl you made is so pretty and festive - I am sure you'll enjoy using if for the 4th of July. Take care.

  5. Doris--thank you SO much--you are a super sweet blogger and so deserving!

    Big hugs to you!

  6. Thank you so much! You are too sweet! My name is Janice by the way... I LOVE YOUR BLOG! New follower here!