Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Erica Craft Room Design Team calling.... check it out!

This is taken from Erica's site.     INTERESTED being on an AWESOME Design TEAM??  IF SO.. read on!! I am on this awesome design Team and LOVING IT!!! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Design team Call, FULL or PART time options

My Cricut Craft Room

 You have met many of our wonderful designers,
How would you like to be one of them?
Well this is your chance!
I am looking for people for all talent levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

So even if you have never shared anything that you have made,
even if you do not know much about blogger.... I still want you!
Each design team member has at least 10 themes to pick from each week to make a project for. The themes are posted for the month and you look at each week's themes and decided which one fits you. One week a card day might be it, the following week maybe a scrapbook page, maybe make a fun creation with the theme on a Thursday..... you can change from week to week what you pick. I give you 10 options and you pick what you want.... and the day you sign up for, each week.

You make one project per week to share with us all.
Here are the typical weekly guidelines. Within the guidelines the themes from week to week vary.

On Monday
we use a letter of the day, Let's say the letter is D, They can make something with a cartridge that begins with the letter D, such as Damask Decor, Doodlecharms....etc
Or they may make something that starts with the letter D, Dog, Dish, Dots....etc
Or they make something using a feature key that starts with the letter D,
The other option for each Monday is the option to use the Imagine cartridges in the Imagine machine or the E2, the cricut mini or the Cricut Craft Room Exclusive cartridges.

On Tuesday
we make cards. Each week I give a theme to use or you can use that week's sketch to make a card (then you can enter it into the challenge I have weekly to win a cartridge or gift certificate to my webstore.... ANYONE can enter the challenges, you do not have to be on the design team to do this)

we use cartridges in unique ways that most people would never think of.... Would You Ever Guess Wednesday, the idea is to say I would never have thought of that. We will also show you a specific technique used then I will teach that technique Wednesday night on Ustream.
Thursdays are our Theme days, I give a different theme each week or
I give the option to use that day's specific cartridge.

are Scrapbook days.
There are always two options, one might be a color choice, theme, or another fun thing.

You get the weekend's off, except the first weekend of the month when we go through 100 cartridges during our 100 cartridge blog hop the first weekend of each month. Each month the Purple team will do the 100 cartridge hop. Then every other month the Pink/Teal teams will alternate the 100 cartridge hop or a themed hop that month.

As a design team member you would be responsible for one posting a week on your blog and link it back to my blog. I also post a snapshot of your project on my blog. You also would need to do your assigned hop that month.

While on the team you get a discount in my webstore after a month of not missing postings. You get a special blinkie to post on your blog and gain a great group of friends. You can also take on a little 'job' to get a higher discount level. We are working on some big projects and we need some help with it, but you do not have to help, it is optional and you get to publish your name on it. It is unpaid, but your name will go on it. We are working on making the Cricut and die-cutting world a better more user friendly place.

So HOW can YOU become a member of my team???

****Make ANY item or project with your Cricut using the following colors....*****

I think this would make pretty spring items with these pastel colors.
Use yellow, green and another pastel color of your choice, as your three main colors.
You can make ANYTHING you can think of with your cricut!

I am now offering two options for applicants.
Full Time or Part Time

I have a full time team, I am looking for new members for the full time team. I am also offering part time positions. You will post every other week. I will have Team Purple (the Full time team) and Team Pink or Team Teal for the alternating part time members. I didn't want to call anyone full time or part time, I also thought having a team 1 and team 2, implies talent level. So to not divide my team by talent, time on the team...etc, I will give the part time members a team color instead of a number or rank.
So my full time members will post each week and the part time members will post every other week.
It is up to you, you may apply for the full-time or part time team. Which ever term you select (full or part time) if you are selected you will be put on the one you apply for. Yes you can change this at a later date if life changes.  They are ALL the same team "Erica's Craft Room Design Team"
You just get a pretty color too!
You decide if I select you and you wanted full time you get full time, if I select you and you want part time you will get part time. Remember I am looking for all talent levels for the team.
You can make a blog if you do not have one yet.
To apply please email me EricaCraftRoom@aol.com  
Please put the subject DESIGN TEAM CALL if you do not put that as the subject I will probably miss it.

Please include:

**1. Your name
**2. What state/country you live in
**3. Are you apply for full time or part time
(if you are select you will get the one you want, and YES you may change later on down the road)
**4. Blog address (you have to have a blog, feel free to create one) and Facebook name if you have one.
**5. Also list any other design teams that you might be on.
**6. Then tell me why you would love to me on my design team!

You can apply from now until
Thursday March 8, 2012.
The new members will be announced on
Tuesday March 13 (My Birthday)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

23 Feb -using cartridge ELEGANT EDGES

If you have by chance came by - I am glad BUT I would love if you hopped on over to Erica at mycricutcraftroom.blogspot.com to see what projects were created using either the ELEGANT EDGES cartridge or SESAME STREET

I chose ELEGANT EDGES.  My friend & I are making goodie bags to go to the Women's World retreat for this weekend.  I made a frame (cut out at 5.5in - designed and cut on the Imagine) with a small heart in it.  printed it out white and did some colors - but nothing caught my attention as I then decided to use my Imagine, Black & White cartridge. and then to spice it up.

white plain cut and then spiced up using the Black & White Imagine cartridge cut at 5.5 in

We colored several of the roses using the SU colored pencils. 

This is the saying for the Women's World Christian  Retreat in Manhatten, ks this weekend.    We made these for the ladies in our church who is going to attend.  goodies inside...   This is their verse they picked as a theme this year.  I typed it up on my computer and printed out to fit.   The yellow heart is a heart that is part of the frame.  We stuck a yellow heart behind it using the heart punch from SU.  perfect fit!   
  We randomly colored the roses.  it was fun to sit, chat and color!  
 punched 2 holes in the bag & tied it with a black ribbon from walmart.  They can save this later on as it is NOT attached to the bag.

Please leave a comment  - I love comments :)   PLEASE head on over to ERICA over at mycricutcraftroom.blogspot.com  and see more projects created by my Design Team friends

Monday, February 20, 2012

MIRACLE STORIES blog hop 20th Feb

WE all have had a miracle story or two in out lives or at least know someone who has.  They can be touching, silly, sad, happy and meaningful!  Each one is unique to each person. 
 Today, we share our MIRACLE STORY with you.  Some stories may make you cry, some will make you laugh But in each story shared is a healing process for some and a happy sharing for many.

If you are here by some chance, I am excited that you are here, but would love it if you would join in on this awesome blog hop by starting at Melissa at http://pinkpolkadotscrapping.blogspot.com.    MAKE SURE TO START HERE.. SHE HAS AWESOME BLOG CANDY!!

You should have come from  LISA's BLOG just now and after commenting on my blog (please) you will please go to Sue Ann at http://suzyssimplecrafts.blogspot.com


Melissa Pinter: http://pinkpolkadotscrapping.blogspot.com   START HERE
 Lisa T. - http://bitbythecricutbug.blogspot.com
 Janet R.- http://janetscreativeworld.blogspot.com/
 Jill - http://craftwithanangel.blogspot.com/
Kimberly ~ http://scrappingrookie.blogspot.com
Anita ~  http://www.anitaandbugs.blogspot.com
Autumn - http://autumnsbuggycreations.blogspot.com
Audrey ~ http://scrappyemt.blogspot.com
Nicolette- http://beyondscrapin.blogspot.com
Lisa ~ http://handmadewithlove-lisa.blogspot.com  CAME FROM
Doris -http://mybugandmecreate.blogspot.com   ME
Sue Ann~ http://suzyssimplecrafts.blogspot.com   PLEASE GO TO NEXT

  Here is my miracle story to share...

Years ago we had so much and we got into a mess and lost everything.  So my MIRACLE today is we are able to buy a home....   We will close by the 15th March. (praying to God it will happen)  We were able to move in recently and we love our home which is so much more than what we had before... ( the dates on pics is the first time we looked at the home.)
a huge corner lot  - front - back and sides - is this not awesome!!  Our garage is on the side. 

KITCHEN - see this HUGE fireplace and the patio doors going outside to back yard!!  
loooove it!!  even has a sitting area in the corner by the fireplace.  lil TV is perfect!

front of kitchen  -cabinets galore!!  we thought we'd never fill these cabinets all up  -we were wrong!!  lol  and under the island is a cellar. NOW..  mind you you have to climb under it to get down there - BUT with some cleaning  -we will put emergency things down there if ever a need for a horrible tornado...  

part of our back yard. I LOVE the roof over the sitting area!! - can't wait to sit under it and enjoy the summer.  We've moved all the wood to another part (came with the home)  -so it gives up more room!  Trampoline has lots of room now!  Hubby's Grill has it's own space! 

this is the basement  -it has carpet now and seems to be where everything is at as we still unpack..  MY craft room and a sitting area is here as well as a bathroom and to the back is a nice big bedroom which is ours.   so literally the whole downstairs is mine and hubby's and area for tornado hiding!!
HUGE garage..  you can't see all the built in shelves, tall cabinet nor the workbench in this pic  -but hubby is happy!!
old garage NOW PLAYROOM - now with carpet! and lots of room that leads down to the basement...   have the TV with all his Wii games, etc on that cabinet shelf  and all family games all in one place!!     Door leads to the other side of outside!!
LAUNDRY ROOM -  used to be the kitchen.  washer/dryer across from these cabinets with MORE cabinets.  WE LOVE IT!!  the room isn't very big BUT the room right off this used to be the area for the fridge, stove and table.  So we have this space in between the kitchen and living room.

We also have more to this home but enough pics - We have plenty of repairs and things to change - but that will come with time and money...

 MY hubby even has him MAN CAVE room!  filled with football, basketball and his other manly stuff with a TV and microwave!!

 We are truly blessed and we consider it a MIRACLE as we never thought we'd ever have our own home again and THEN to have a BIGGER home with so much more than we had before!!  THANK YOU GOD!!!!  WE ARE BLESSED!

Would love it if you followed blog by e-mail and became a follower.  IF you do, please leave your blog addy so I can come visit you too.   P lease leave me a comment telling me (if you want) a miracle in your life)

Please head over to  SUE ANN's BLOG

Friday, February 17, 2012

Jinger has joined the world of blogging

Come see Jinger and her new adventures in crafty Blogging. 
Please show her some bloggy love and visit her and  become a follower
Look who I found our very own Jinger Adams... she started her own blog and need us all to go over and like her...
http://www.jingeradams.com    — with Jinger Adams.

Crafty friends Blog Hop 17/18 Feb.

        Welcome to the Crafty Friends Give Blog Hop.
 We are so glad you could join us for Day 1 of this very special hop. The mission of this blog hop is to raise awareness about bone marrow donations to help Leukemia patients.

Bone marrow donation technology has come a long way, and is now as simple as giving blood. So we are trying to raise awareness and get people to register at http://marrow.org to be a bone marrow donor.

And why are we doing this your might ask? To help a friend a fellow crafter, Liz Decade. Liz is battling 2 different forms of acute Leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. We are hoping that this hop will help her to find a match.
You can see her story at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Va6RNwYj4BE&list=UUz-JkPSKRldHJNbbEotv8DQ&feature=plcp.

Even if you are not a match for Liz, you can still help her. You see bone marrow registrations drives are expensive, you have to pay for each person who is registered, and Liz is trying to raise money for bone marrow drives and medical expenses (it costs a lot of money to get a transplant). You can donate to Liz at lizquesada.leukemia@gmail.com. All of the money donated will go to bone marrow drives or medical expenses.

And we have some wonderful sponsors who have donated prizes for our hop.
Sweet Stamping Treats Digital Stamps, Trendy Twine, MB Treasurista, Paper Piecings by Nikki, Inspired Stamps, My Pink Stamper and Peachy Keen Stamps have all donated prizes to this hop. In order to be eligible for one of  these prizes you must comment on every blog in this hop! There are other requirements for the sponsors so please see Liz's blog post for more details.

If you are coming from http://atuttletime.blogspot.com , you are right on track. If you just came across my blog and would like to hop along, please start over with Liz (http://decadeofscrap.blogspot.com)

Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget to go to http://www.marrow.org and find out how to become a marrow donor.

Here is the entire hop list for day one in case you get lost:

Day 1-Friday, February 17th
Liz - http://decadeofscrap.blogspot.com

*****There is another line-up for DAY 2 -Saturday (tomorrow)  Please go back to LIZ's BLOG and see more friendship/thinking of you cards.******

ALL items on this card is from SU!( cardstock, water-coloring pencils, & stamps)  and some pearl brads.

Your next stop is Michelle  please visit her and show some friendship love...

Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget to go to http://www.marrow.org and find out how to become a marrow donor.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

USE A PHRASE feature .. on any cartridge

If you are just coming to say hi - thank you and I am glad you are here!!  BUT please head on over to mycricutcraftroom.blogspot.com  to see more projects focusing on PHRASES and many will focus on Would You Ever Guess Wednesday (WYEGW) meaning they pick any feature on a cartridge OTHER THAN the main feature on that overlay pad key  My Design Team Sisters are very creative..

 go on... stop on by and see...  you'll be glad you did!  AND while you are it - sign up and become a follower of Erica's Craft Room to never miss any creativity that we come up with just for you!

Today we are focusing on any PHRASE feature on any cartridge.  I choose the cartridge, AUTUMN CELEBRATIONS.  (I love this cartridge!!)

BREAST CANCER AWARENESS PHRASE and the ribbon on the same cartridge. 

- stamp set for a random background is K Andrews Designs called Fashionable Friends. please go to www.kandrewdesigns.com if you would like this stamp set.  I used the words associated with our "friends".  INSIDE saying 'thanks for your support" is from the same set.

- Ctmh ink pads watermelon, bubblegum and pink carnation. for the random stamping and inking around the edges.  Paper is from Ctmh too.

-RIBBON: from Hobby Lobby called Cherish

Bling is from a misc package of misc pink bling  shades

Inside is the girl walking from Cricut cartridge Pink Journey (a cut I didn't use.. until now)  so never throw away unused cuts..  you never know......

I wanted a simple card to focus on the purpose of the card - THE PHRASE: BREAST CANCER AWARENESS

oops on the top where you can see a lil white..  I clipped a lil more than should..  sorry.

IT does look more focused on the actual card than looking all blended in like I am seeing here...

inside card  'Thanks for your Support"

Please leave me a comment, I love comments.  IF I have inspired you, please take my button to your blog and sign up for my e-mail and become a follower.  I would love to come to your blog so leave your blog addy :)
HEAD BACK TO mycricutcraftroom.blogspot.com now to see more creativity from my DT friends!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Please join us at mycricutcraftroom.blogspot.com to see more projects created by the awesome Design Team.

using stamps on a card  is the theme today - I then added a cartridge saying...
      and by the way...  HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!

I stamped on the card using the stamps: Technique Tuesday; a little more organized (has tons of random words for paper crafting) and CTMH W189 font Alphabets (I stamped the words cricut, bags & tags)

**Using the CTMH ink pads:  chocolate, ocean, sunflower & tulip

** Cricut Cartridge Car Decals was used for the saying  "I love crafting"

random stamping to start.  Can't say it's done with perfection but as good as I can..... as stamping, scrap-booking and paper crafting is NEVER REALLY perfect.. is it???
Notice the CRICUT in between the   I'd rather be... CRICUT.... crafting - that's how I roll.....  that wasn't planned but turned out pretty cool!

I am going to keep this for a gift card for either a blog hop or my daughter..

Please head back to Erica's site over at  mycricutcraftroom.blogspot.com to see more projects created with stamping on a card OR making of an Valentine Day card by my fellow DT sisters...

Monday, February 13, 2012

YOU light up My LIFE blog hop! 13 feb 2012

                                                         You light up my life
                                                         You give me hope
                                                              To carry on
                                                        You light up my days
                                                   and fill my nights with song
Jearise from Lorby's World  http://lorbysworld.blogspot.com is our hostess for today's hop which takes a look at all those things that light up our lives be it a significant other, children, place or pets. Enjoy what they have come up with as you hop along and please leave a comment on each blog to light up their life today. Some may be giving blog candy away so keep an eye open to see and you never know...You're life may be lit up.

Leave a comment at Lorby's World and become a follower (or let her know if you already are one) to be eligible to win a $10.00 gift card to Joann's Crafts and Fabric.

SVG ATTIC  http://svgattic.blogspot.com/p/store_19.html is sponsoring this hop by giving away a $20.00 gift certificate to her store. SVG Attic is the last stop on our hop and to qualify for the gift certificate you must do two things.

1. Visit the SVG Attic Store CLICK HERE SVG STORE and then...
2. Become a follower of SVG Attic's blog http://svgattic.blogspot.com and leave a comment telling which svg file from the store you like best.

If someone turned off the lights and you ended up here first, please follow the lighted path as you begin your hop at Lorby's World at http://lorbysworld.blogspot.com

If your hop stayed lit, you should have ventured over from  http://sweetbirdmemories.blogspot.com and will continue on to Jann at http://snap-schotts.blogspot.com

1. Jearise - http://lorbysworld.blogspot.com   START FROM
2 Katie - http://www.ktsangels.blogspot.com
3 Kari - http://purplefuntastickcreations.blogspot.com/
4 Lisa - http://handmadewithlove-lisa.blogspot.com/
5 Cara - http://racincrafts.blogspot.com/
6. Ashley - http://proudusmcwife415.blogspot.com
7. Zenita - http://www.scrappinwithz.blogspot.com
8. Cori - http://www.createdbycori.blogspot.com
9. Anita - http://www.anitaandbugs.blogspot.com
10. Misses Crafty - http://sweetbirdmemories.blogspot.com  SHOULD HAVE ARRIVED FROM
11. Doris -  http://mybugandmecreate.blogspot.com   ME
12. Jann - http://snap-schotts.blogspot.com   GOING NEXT
13. Janet - http://ladyluvbug.blogspot.com/
14. Sandra- http://365daysofcricut.blogspot.com/
15. Jessica B. - http://thecrafterscottage.blogspot.com/
let's start... shall we!

 I am so grateful to God for these wonderful people in my life!!  A place to show off what/who makes me happy.   These are important to me - and not in any particuliar order either.. LOL    I love my grandkids but boy oh boy...  generations have changed....  LOL

HI!! My name is Doris,  I love to scrapbook, stamp, and when the Cricut came out - I became a cricut-holic. I started a blog and recently became more involved with blog hopping.  Now on my First Design Team on Erica's cricut Craft Room and I am LOVING these blog hops on FB that I am participating in.  THIS has made me VERY HAPPY.. It makes me feel important to think I might inspire others to create..
   So here i go - loving what is important in my life!!  family and friends... 

This is our home that we are buying -(this pic when we looked at it)   It is awesome..  I have a fireplace in the kitchen and a nice scrapbook area in the basement and plenty of room!!  front and back yard with huge garage on the side!!  THANK YOU GOD!! This makes me happy because I have a home to call my own and one day for my grandchildren to say to their children - there's a lot of happy memories in that home.. ( I sure hope.. lol)

MY GRANDKIDS at time of photo early fall 2010.  ages NOW... 
 Me, Doris holding Shayanna, 3 & Madison 8 on the hip :)  -Jayden, 7 & My Hubby Vernon  -
(in tree) Mikhail 6 and Kiana age 9 (for a another week).  They think I am old and they think I am awesome at times!  They also ask me questions about their mom's and this is FUN to tell stories.   THEY make me HAPPY

Mikhail, 6, Jayden, 7 and Shayanna, 3 are siblings.    I honestly did not pose them like this!  ah...  Shayanna is my pride and joy..  Such a grandmas girl!  I have been around Shayanna since birth as she lived near me and I have been watching her since she was a baby.

My daughter Kristal, 27 is still a Mommy's girl..  when it comes to her advantage  LOL  she makes me happy because she likes to scrapbook :) (BIG SMILE) and I am proud that she is advancing in the medical field! 

My oldest daughter Elisha who will be 30 in October.  She makes me happy because she almost wasn't here. Dr's at one point gave her 5 yrs to live because she had cervical cancer. Bullheaded she is -wasn't listening to the Dr's or me.. at 21 she had a hysterectomy and today is cancer free.   She makes me happy with her determination and she gave me 2 healthy happy (stubborn) granddaughters. (pictures above)

That is me in the purple  -BURNT (was by pool for a few days). MY friends of MANY years.  I lived in flagstaff, Az for years and my friend Barb in white moved to Surprise AZ and the rest of my friends, Dawn (yellow), Paula (red), Jaime in (black) we ALL worked together and were each others friend through EVERY problem that arose in our professional and personal lives!  We are missing one friend in this pic.  I am grateful for such friends!!  This picture they all chipped in for my birthday and brought me to AZ for 5 days to visit with them as they took time off of work, I was having depression issues at this point.  I was having withdrawals of missing them after moving to Kansas in June 2009 after 15 yrs at my job, I quit and moved to where my daughter Elisha lived and Kristal followed.  How could I not be HAPPY with friends like them!!

NOW...  I am thankful and blessed for Jayden, 7, who is our Bio grandson BUT we have been raising him on/off since birth and continually since age 2. Adopted him in May 2010.  So we are MOM and DAD now again..   Jayden is Autistic - High functioning BUT none the less - we are learning how to be parents again.. (how does things change so much over the years..)  As you have probably can see.. My hubby is not the BIO dad/grandpa BUT he is my girls and Jayden's DAD and GRANDPA as we have been married for 12 years and together 16 yrs.  Jayden makes me get up and go..  I have no choice..  I am blessed because God has given him to us when he knew his bio-mother couldn't.

Jayden at one of his Occupational Therapy meetings. 

My home at Thanksgiving!  Love when the family comes together,  friends & family at my home either eating, playing games , crafting or just chatting!!  MAKES ME VERY HAPPY!!

My church Haysville Christian Church.  This is a sign I made - Were all about LOVE.  I LOVE my church home and Church family!!  This is my giving to the Lord and to his church - My making signs, whatever needs to be done with decorations and the WOW (Women of the Word).  I didn't go to church and lost faith for 17 years.  When I moved to Kansas - This church is down the street from me.  God provided the day and time as Debbie who is never there at that particular time was there when i went in...  I have been going to church and became a member ever since Sept. 2009!
I am blessed and so happy I have a church family that accepts me for who I am...
My crafting -  THIS makes me happy and I feel so blessed BECAUSE I have so many down days of just feeling ugh and so tired  of no strength nor energy that I am NOT me or at least the ME I used to me even a couple of years ago.  I mean...  This blog hopping  - it helps me to get my mind going and it makes me keep crafting. Another reason to scrapbook - I want to leave memories for my grandchildren; the good, the bad, and the uh oh! moments..  

                     TRULY they ALL light up my life!!

 Please head on over to http://snap-schotts.blogspot.com and visit Jann and what makes her world a little brighter!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love is in the Air Day 2 - 2012

  Please click here for the Red, White, Black & Pink blog hop  HERE
Please go here for the My Pink Stamper challenge blog hop   HERE
Welcome to the Love is in the Air Blog Hop! You should have just come from Nicolette's blog http://beyondscrapin.blogspot.com/ . If you are just joining the hop and wish to start from the beginning, please visit Lisa's blog at http://honeybearzdesigns2011.blogspot.com/

Each blogger participating in this hop is featuring a project having to do with Valentine's Day or Love. This super-fun hop will be showcasing cards, layouts and projects that feature anything and everything to do with LOVE since that is what Valentine's Day is all about right!! You'll find an array of ideas throughout this hop. From decorations to gift ideas and more, we hope you'll enjoy each and every project along the way!! Be sure to leave a comment at each hop stop to show all the participants a little love.

This was a two-day blog hop. So, please if you had not hopped yesterday, here is the line-up again...  please come back and visit.

                               The complete blog hop lineup is below:
Lisa Pontious - http://honeybearzdesigns2011.blogspot.com/  START
Kristy Asche - http://scraptasticalkreations.blogspot.com/   CAME FROM
Doris Parker - http://mybugandmecreate.blogspot.com/  ME
Nicolette Simpson- http://beyondscrapin.blogspot.com/  GOING TO NEXT
Lori Brown - http://savingmine.blogspot.com/
Jamie- http://networkedblogs.com/tPSjB
Scraps To Treasures - http://scraps2treasure.blogspot.com/
Ashley Townsend - http://theglamoroussideofscrapping.blogspot.com/
Beckie - http://justbcreativecrazy.blogspot.com/
Janet Royer- http://janetscreativeworld.blogspot.com/
Jessi Buehrle- http://mylifeinartscrafts.blogspot.com/
Angela Urell- http://creativecraftin.blogspot.com/
Kimi and Pamela - http://lovebugcreations3.blogspot.com/
Christina - http://cema1cema.blogspot.com/
Mindy - http://papercreationsbymindyblog.blogspot.com/
Janet Smith - http://www.ladyluvbug.blogspot.com/
Erica - http://mycricutcraftroom.blogspot.com/
Jamie- http://scrapqueen141.blogspot.com/

This was so much fun to make:  I had the colors and just went about with no plan in mind...  What is awesome about this card - it could be for a wedding - valentines day  - anniversary  -or just a I love you - just change the colors.

** Smooches: sassy pink, cape cod, molasses
** Cuttlebug embossing folder:  (OMG.. I cannot remember the name of this.. BUT It looks exactly as you see)
** ctmh pink and brown paper and ivory that was embossed on, Chocolate ink pad- distressing around edges
** sentiment: PEACHY KEEN stamp JAN 12 stamp set from Club
 ** ribbon - stash

I used the different smooches to paint the embossed  raised part.  AFTER I was all done - I took sandpaper and lightly distressed over it.   I hope you like my card. I actually made this for someone who wanted these colors in a card :)

Thank you for stopping by my blog today.  Please hop on over to Nicolette's blog http://beyondscrapin.blogspot.com next to see what Looove project she has to share with you!
please leave a comment and if inspired to see more projects please sign up for my e-mails and become a follower. IF you do, please let me know and leave your blog addy so I can come visit you.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

MY Pink Stamper Challenge 11 Feb 2012

1- please go to Love is in the Air blog hop HERE 
2 -  Please go to the red, black, white and pink blog hop HERE
http://www.mypinkstamper.com/  is celebrating her 5 yrs blogging and ten million hits!!  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!  I have been following her from nearly the start!  
Go on over to her blog and see her  design team with their challenge projects.  They are awesome!!
Tonight's Challenge: Use the color red, a circle, a pink ribbon and MORE THAN ONE  My Pink Stamper stamp. (If you don't own any of my stamp sets yet, that is okay!  Use what you have).  
Also, use a die cut with this challenge!  Anything will work!

so let's see..  
color red  (done)
circle (done)
My pink stamp set ((done)  and 1 other stamp set since I only own one set (so far)
pink ribbon (done)
die - cut (done)

So this is my creative card...

** Imagine cartridge Better Together girl cut out at 4.5in 
** Red circle from the built in designs in the imagine cut at 4.5in and inked around the edge with ctmh black ink pad.
**STAMPS: My Pink Stamper: Love alicious (all the words that this pretty girl is saying to her honey...) on the front in circle
inside card: the Ctmh stamp set: D1345 Ms. Sweetheart  (xoxox)  & I miss you from D1187 For every occasion
** paper is from a stash left over...   inked around the edges in black ink.  
** ribbon is from a stash of ribbons bought at scrapbook garage sales from our Lss.  cut into a ribbon bow and put into her pretty hair!

inside card

So what do you think???  Will you head over to My Pink stamper and join in on the blog hop and create a card????  Let me know what you think??

11 / 12 FEB blog hop of red, pink, black and white DAY 1

               Welcome my friends to the Red, Black, Pink, and White Delight Blog Hop....
what great colors to work with and to design a Valentine's Day card or layout for a loved one, a friend, child, or just because!!! What this hop will help you with today is showcasing these colors and what can be made to help give you inspiration!!!!!

If you just happened to be visiting me today, I'm glad that you are visiting but I wouldn't want you to miss one single stop along the way with our hop and would love for you to begin at the beginning which would be Lisa at  http://handmadewithlove-lisa.blogspot.com and whom you've just arrived from then you are on the right path along our splash of color.


Lisa - http://handmadewithlove-lisa.blogspot.com/    START AT
Peachy Keen Stamps has this awesome stamp club that I signed up for and who could resist.. she and the rest of the angels are adorable...  and this was my inspiration for a card...
check it out at  click here for PKS club info and stamp set

** PKS set pksc-01 includes here the angel, face and sentiment
** Stampin Up water color wonder crayons has been used for all coloring and highlighting.  a aqua brush helped me along.
** Stickles, Glam Pink, Diamond were used for the dress and hallo and wings. Glitz Stickles Ruby slippers was used for the heart.
** red & black background paper is from The Paper Studio
** white piece card~stock holds this adorable sentiment and then inked around the edges using CTMH bubblegum ink pad.

using these colors.. I have created the perfect angel holding a heart to someone special today.

Highlighted her hair with Stampin Up water color crayons.  Used 2 browns & a yellow with a water brush.   her eyes and lips as well with the same crayons.  a little red is smooshed onto her cheeks.  Hard to see on the screen

I would love for you to leave a comment and if I have inspired you please follow me and join in with my e-mails. If you are new - please let me know and leave me your blog addy.

Thank you so much for stopping today and visiting. I hope you have gotten some inspiration with my project and I must send you on your way to the next stop along your travels which is Lynne at  http://slasewcraftiness.blogspot.com