Monday, February 13, 2012

YOU light up My LIFE blog hop! 13 feb 2012

                                                         You light up my life
                                                         You give me hope
                                                              To carry on
                                                        You light up my days
                                                   and fill my nights with song
Jearise from Lorby's World is our hostess for today's hop which takes a look at all those things that light up our lives be it a significant other, children, place or pets. Enjoy what they have come up with as you hop along and please leave a comment on each blog to light up their life today. Some may be giving blog candy away so keep an eye open to see and you never know...You're life may be lit up.

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let's start... shall we!

 I am so grateful to God for these wonderful people in my life!!  A place to show off what/who makes me happy.   These are important to me - and not in any particuliar order either.. LOL    I love my grandkids but boy oh boy...  generations have changed....  LOL

HI!! My name is Doris,  I love to scrapbook, stamp, and when the Cricut came out - I became a cricut-holic. I started a blog and recently became more involved with blog hopping.  Now on my First Design Team on Erica's cricut Craft Room and I am LOVING these blog hops on FB that I am participating in.  THIS has made me VERY HAPPY.. It makes me feel important to think I might inspire others to create..
   So here i go - loving what is important in my life!!  family and friends... 

This is our home that we are buying -(this pic when we looked at it)   It is awesome..  I have a fireplace in the kitchen and a nice scrapbook area in the basement and plenty of room!!  front and back yard with huge garage on the side!!  THANK YOU GOD!! This makes me happy because I have a home to call my own and one day for my grandchildren to say to their children - there's a lot of happy memories in that home.. ( I sure hope.. lol)

MY GRANDKIDS at time of photo early fall 2010.  ages NOW... 
 Me, Doris holding Shayanna, 3 & Madison 8 on the hip :)  -Jayden, 7 & My Hubby Vernon  -
(in tree) Mikhail 6 and Kiana age 9 (for a another week).  They think I am old and they think I am awesome at times!  They also ask me questions about their mom's and this is FUN to tell stories.   THEY make me HAPPY

Mikhail, 6, Jayden, 7 and Shayanna, 3 are siblings.    I honestly did not pose them like this!  ah...  Shayanna is my pride and joy..  Such a grandmas girl!  I have been around Shayanna since birth as she lived near me and I have been watching her since she was a baby.

My daughter Kristal, 27 is still a Mommy's girl..  when it comes to her advantage  LOL  she makes me happy because she likes to scrapbook :) (BIG SMILE) and I am proud that she is advancing in the medical field! 

My oldest daughter Elisha who will be 30 in October.  She makes me happy because she almost wasn't here. Dr's at one point gave her 5 yrs to live because she had cervical cancer. Bullheaded she is -wasn't listening to the Dr's or me.. at 21 she had a hysterectomy and today is cancer free.   She makes me happy with her determination and she gave me 2 healthy happy (stubborn) granddaughters. (pictures above)

That is me in the purple  -BURNT (was by pool for a few days). MY friends of MANY years.  I lived in flagstaff, Az for years and my friend Barb in white moved to Surprise AZ and the rest of my friends, Dawn (yellow), Paula (red), Jaime in (black) we ALL worked together and were each others friend through EVERY problem that arose in our professional and personal lives!  We are missing one friend in this pic.  I am grateful for such friends!!  This picture they all chipped in for my birthday and brought me to AZ for 5 days to visit with them as they took time off of work, I was having depression issues at this point.  I was having withdrawals of missing them after moving to Kansas in June 2009 after 15 yrs at my job, I quit and moved to where my daughter Elisha lived and Kristal followed.  How could I not be HAPPY with friends like them!!

NOW...  I am thankful and blessed for Jayden, 7, who is our Bio grandson BUT we have been raising him on/off since birth and continually since age 2. Adopted him in May 2010.  So we are MOM and DAD now again..   Jayden is Autistic - High functioning BUT none the less - we are learning how to be parents again.. (how does things change so much over the years..)  As you have probably can see.. My hubby is not the BIO dad/grandpa BUT he is my girls and Jayden's DAD and GRANDPA as we have been married for 12 years and together 16 yrs.  Jayden makes me get up and go..  I have no choice..  I am blessed because God has given him to us when he knew his bio-mother couldn't.

Jayden at one of his Occupational Therapy meetings. 

My home at Thanksgiving!  Love when the family comes together,  friends & family at my home either eating, playing games , crafting or just chatting!!  MAKES ME VERY HAPPY!!

My church Haysville Christian Church.  This is a sign I made - Were all about LOVE.  I LOVE my church home and Church family!!  This is my giving to the Lord and to his church - My making signs, whatever needs to be done with decorations and the WOW (Women of the Word).  I didn't go to church and lost faith for 17 years.  When I moved to Kansas - This church is down the street from me.  God provided the day and time as Debbie who is never there at that particular time was there when i went in...  I have been going to church and became a member ever since Sept. 2009!
I am blessed and so happy I have a church family that accepts me for who I am...
My crafting -  THIS makes me happy and I feel so blessed BECAUSE I have so many down days of just feeling ugh and so tired  of no strength nor energy that I am NOT me or at least the ME I used to me even a couple of years ago.  I mean...  This blog hopping  - it helps me to get my mind going and it makes me keep crafting. Another reason to scrapbook - I want to leave memories for my grandchildren; the good, the bad, and the uh oh! moments..  

                     TRULY they ALL light up my life!!

 Please head on over to and visit Jann and what makes her world a little brighter!


  1. Beautiful pictures and stories to go with each one. Your "new" son looks a like my 6 year old, Liam (AKA Lemur). Thank you for being part of my hop. I am glad you joined me. Jearise in Lorby's World.

  2. Doris, your beautiful life certainly is illuminated by your family and friends!! You are very so very lucky to have family close to you--and enjoy all those grands!

  3. What a beautiful family you have! You are truly blessed ~ thanks for sharing!

  4. the fun pictures...and the sign you cool is that...!!

  5. Doris, I truly enjoyed looking at all your pictures and reading about your family. You are truly blessed and your family is so blessed to have you. You have a beautiful family and hubby! I am so glad you are part of the Design team. :)

  6. You have a gorgeous family and awesome friends Thank you for sharing woith us!
    Big Blog Hugs, Janet

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your life and helping us to get to know you!! I can surely see that you are a "beyond special" mom, grandmom, wife, and friend!!
    jejaeb at cfl dot rr dot com

  8. Hi Doris!!
    I truely enjoyed getting to know you better!! You and I have a few things in common besides crafting!! My hubby is also not the bio father to my son, but by all meanings of the word, he is his DAD!! My hubbby and I just celebrated our 14th anniversary last monday and we have been together for 16 1/2 years!!
    I look forward to getting to know you even better :)

  9. Wow Doris this is great! Thanks for sharing!


  10. Thank you for sharing you life story and you are truly blessed with a fantastic and loving family!! Great photo's!! I have been a follower here!
    ilovetonkinese2 at hotmail dot com

  11. What a wonderful family you have! Congrats on purchasing your home!


  12. Thanks for glad about your wonderful house ideas. Thank you for sharing your crafting talents. I love looking at them.

    Fontella Henderson