Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Erica Craft Room Design Team calling.... check it out!

This is taken from Erica's site.     INTERESTED being on an AWESOME Design TEAM??  IF SO.. read on!! I am on this awesome design Team and LOVING IT!!! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Design team Call, FULL or PART time options

My Cricut Craft Room

 You have met many of our wonderful designers,
How would you like to be one of them?
Well this is your chance!
I am looking for people for all talent levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

So even if you have never shared anything that you have made,
even if you do not know much about blogger.... I still want you!
Each design team member has at least 10 themes to pick from each week to make a project for. The themes are posted for the month and you look at each week's themes and decided which one fits you. One week a card day might be it, the following week maybe a scrapbook page, maybe make a fun creation with the theme on a Thursday..... you can change from week to week what you pick. I give you 10 options and you pick what you want.... and the day you sign up for, each week.

You make one project per week to share with us all.
Here are the typical weekly guidelines. Within the guidelines the themes from week to week vary.

On Monday
we use a letter of the day, Let's say the letter is D, They can make something with a cartridge that begins with the letter D, such as Damask Decor, Doodlecharms....etc
Or they may make something that starts with the letter D, Dog, Dish, Dots....etc
Or they make something using a feature key that starts with the letter D,
The other option for each Monday is the option to use the Imagine cartridges in the Imagine machine or the E2, the cricut mini or the Cricut Craft Room Exclusive cartridges.

On Tuesday
we make cards. Each week I give a theme to use or you can use that week's sketch to make a card (then you can enter it into the challenge I have weekly to win a cartridge or gift certificate to my webstore.... ANYONE can enter the challenges, you do not have to be on the design team to do this)

we use cartridges in unique ways that most people would never think of.... Would You Ever Guess Wednesday, the idea is to say I would never have thought of that. We will also show you a specific technique used then I will teach that technique Wednesday night on Ustream.
Thursdays are our Theme days, I give a different theme each week or
I give the option to use that day's specific cartridge.

are Scrapbook days.
There are always two options, one might be a color choice, theme, or another fun thing.

You get the weekend's off, except the first weekend of the month when we go through 100 cartridges during our 100 cartridge blog hop the first weekend of each month. Each month the Purple team will do the 100 cartridge hop. Then every other month the Pink/Teal teams will alternate the 100 cartridge hop or a themed hop that month.

As a design team member you would be responsible for one posting a week on your blog and link it back to my blog. I also post a snapshot of your project on my blog. You also would need to do your assigned hop that month.

While on the team you get a discount in my webstore after a month of not missing postings. You get a special blinkie to post on your blog and gain a great group of friends. You can also take on a little 'job' to get a higher discount level. We are working on some big projects and we need some help with it, but you do not have to help, it is optional and you get to publish your name on it. It is unpaid, but your name will go on it. We are working on making the Cricut and die-cutting world a better more user friendly place.

So HOW can YOU become a member of my team???

****Make ANY item or project with your Cricut using the following colors....*****

I think this would make pretty spring items with these pastel colors.
Use yellow, green and another pastel color of your choice, as your three main colors.
You can make ANYTHING you can think of with your cricut!

I am now offering two options for applicants.
Full Time or Part Time

I have a full time team, I am looking for new members for the full time team. I am also offering part time positions. You will post every other week. I will have Team Purple (the Full time team) and Team Pink or Team Teal for the alternating part time members. I didn't want to call anyone full time or part time, I also thought having a team 1 and team 2, implies talent level. So to not divide my team by talent, time on the team...etc, I will give the part time members a team color instead of a number or rank.
So my full time members will post each week and the part time members will post every other week.
It is up to you, you may apply for the full-time or part time team. Which ever term you select (full or part time) if you are selected you will be put on the one you apply for. Yes you can change this at a later date if life changes.  They are ALL the same team "Erica's Craft Room Design Team"
You just get a pretty color too!
You decide if I select you and you wanted full time you get full time, if I select you and you want part time you will get part time. Remember I am looking for all talent levels for the team.
You can make a blog if you do not have one yet.
To apply please email me EricaCraftRoom@aol.com  
Please put the subject DESIGN TEAM CALL if you do not put that as the subject I will probably miss it.

Please include:

**1. Your name
**2. What state/country you live in
**3. Are you apply for full time or part time
(if you are select you will get the one you want, and YES you may change later on down the road)
**4. Blog address (you have to have a blog, feel free to create one) and Facebook name if you have one.
**5. Also list any other design teams that you might be on.
**6. Then tell me why you would love to me on my design team!

You can apply from now until
Thursday March 8, 2012.
The new members will be announced on
Tuesday March 13 (My Birthday)

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