Thursday, February 2, 2012

2 Feb Sports Theme Cartridge, dt

                  Sports is the theme for today 

Sports Mania is a very popular cartridge and is my theme cartridge for today! 

If you came from  - perfect and if not... (thank you for being here)  Then please head back over there to see more SPORT theme CARTRIDGES from my fellow Design Team friends!

Printing 101 is used for the words cut out at 1inch each letter. designed in the Gypsy.  Vinyl is perfect for this project. I used Cricut Vinyl  -white.  It has held up for a few years through car washes, hail, etc.. and here it is - still in one piece!!  it sits on my back window.  AND let me tell you.. WHEN you are searching for your vehicle..  It is easy to find!!

I ordered other vinyl for another project and it did not come in yet So..  I took another picture.  This posting was up about 2 years ago and so I am pretty hopeful that no one has seen it.

Sports Mania Kick Pose is awesome for martial arts.  Cut out at 4.5 in.  I manipulated the words (the name of the organization) around the kick pose.  My son attended Tae Kwon Do for a while and is getting ready to start again..

 can you see me taking the picture...  lol

Putting Vinyl on picture frames to enhance your theme of picture or pictures.  created at 1.5 in this same pose sits on top of the glass.

this is the actual board and his first that he kicked and broke! We were so proud!

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  1. Great vinyl project Doris! I love the shadowbox. Sports Mania is a wonderful cartridge!

  2. Your vinyl project turned out great! Christina

  3. Love the vinyl on the frame. I need to try this.
    - DT sis

  4. Doris this is awesome. I love working with vinyl! TFS,Mary M

  5. I have not done a lot of vinyl work. You do a great job and make it seem easy! Sorry you got missed in the line up on Thursday!
    Your DT friend,

  6. Great project, love that you saved the board, really great on the vinyl work

  7. love this idea! i have been wondering about what type of vinyl to use for car decals i want to make some for our softball team and am worried it will fall off if it gets wet. so you say you used cricut brand vinyl??? TFS
    gloria C

  8. great vinyl work!! So awesome! TFS!
    Dt sista