Saturday, July 16, 2011

come check out this awesome blog hop

gettingcricky  is the start of this awesome blog hop.  cards made for our fallen soldiers families in Maine.  I know.. you don't live in Maine BUT the cards are for a good cause and besides that this site has awesome stamps and she, Kristal Andrews (getting cricky)  donates a portion to awesome fundraisers.  c'mon check her out and see for yourself!!

NOW...  the other site   is so awesome as well. Not only is she a part of Kristal's blog hop BUT her site is a MUST SEE for inspiration!!

Whatcha' still doing here - check them out.
Okay - come check out my site as well..  I will remake a card; improving it,& that will be posted in a minute or two.. and will send it on its way to the address you will see on Kristal's site!!

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