Sunday, July 10, 2011

hi everyone just an update... & some questions.

My computer crashed and It is impossible to get anything onto my hubby's computer since there is no scanner, no "nuttin!  SO...  I am expecting my laptop this week. (YEAH!!!) and I will be back to posting my projects!!

I LOST EVERYTHING  and am sad that I have to research all these awesome blogs again.  So a question is....   what site was it that allowed me to see future blog hops and to be able to post an event in our states??  If you could tell me this - I will be eternally grateful!!  I signed up for so many e-mails and am so glad I did!!  If you DON"T have e-mail settings on your blog - could you e-mail me your blog so I can get you back on my favorites!!    or just add a comment.  (I LOVE comments)

I hope everyone is doing well and I am sorry for not participating in any blog hops lately or barely making comments.  So.. soon - I will be back and checking out everyones sites. 

I am also trying to figure this new blogger "look" and trying to figure out how to take the word verification off.  Have you been to  lately?? if not, head over there. NOT only for an awesome site of inspiration (in more ways than one.. :))    Kristal Andrews "spells" it out for you on the word verification!!  I appreciate it since I didn't know how.  BUT blogger has this new look and it's NOT going the way as I wrote down.  Perhaps it's my hubby's computer.

anywhooose... till next time..  Have a fantastic week and prayers for much love and safety as you go on...

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