Sunday, August 28, 2011

A must see video!! AWESOME!!!

My friend,  Lacey is so creative. She can take anything and turn it into something.  She amazes me...  head on over to her blog and check her out.  I mean seriously - whoever thought of taking glue and creating this....  YOU have got to see her part 1 of cityscape to see what I am talking about...... u-stream video!!

Tutorial Thursday- part 1 of cityscape and more Helmar fun!

Ok, so I got to recording ladies and towards the end I answered my phone and for some reason cut off the last min. or so of the vid. But, you will get the general idea for sure!

This week, I began working first on the first piece of my 7-gypsies cityscape!!! YAY so, excited to get this project up and going.

For this project I'm showcasing Hemar's Scrap Dots in a way I've never seen used before! Super happy with the turn out! Also, showing some fun with acetate and sharpies and rub-ons!!

Check out the show here! Super short and fun.. I might have gotten overly excited over the turn out!! hee hee

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