Thursday, August 11, 2011

a new blog - that I have discovered and hope you will too!

Have you ever thought... what an awesome site -  If only I could do that  - how & where in the world does she find the time to...  WELL... I have a new neighbor I met last night and I do believe I have been challenged - mentally and craft wise!!  She is the proud awesome owner of this awesome BLOG that I will share the link to.  IF you have not been here yet - please by all means head on over and show her some love :)  she rocks!!!

I saw her crafty area that you see on her blog and ... ever have those moments - that you see something and the light seems to shine all around as you stand there in total AWE!!!  that was me..  I bet I looked 'stupid" with my mouth wide open and full of.. OMG... OMG.... and oohh & ahhh!!!
so.. come on over and check out her blog and tell her I sent ya - if you remember.. (she doesn't know I am doing this blog this am.. so we'll surprise her   :0)

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