Friday, March 2, 2012

Dr Seuss and his Imagination Month Blog Hop 2 March 12

                                     “Think left and think right and think low and think high.
                                           Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!”
                                                                                                  ― Dr. Seuss

Don't hop on pop but hop on top of the Dr. Seuss Blog Hop, where a bunch of talented people came up with their own interpretations of the wonderful imagination of Dr. Seuss. The skies the limit when you have an imagination like Dr. Seuss and talent like those in this hop. Our hop today is hostessed by Jearise in Lorby's World and that is were to begin if you've happened here by chance otherwise continue on my friend.

Jearise in Lorby's World has some fun blog candy for this hop. She has a stuffed Cat in the Hall and a fun Thing 1 and Thing 2 craft plus a $10 gift card to Michael's. I know they're silly but doesn't that follow in the steps of Dr. Seuss?

I love Dr. Seuss - I mean.. who doesn't...  It's been around for so long and even a month dedicated to it in the schools.  We have many books and I intend on keeping them for as long as they stay together.. hopefully for generations to come!   HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR. SEUSS!!  Here's to many more years of memories!

 Lynne -
Ashley -
 Laurie -
 Doris - 
Janet N- NEXT
Cathie w-
Janet R. -
Katie ~
Ellen ♥ CardMonkey ~
Jamie -  
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Angie :) -
Kimberly ~

I couldn't find much in the stores so what do we crafters do...  get creative and go to the computer!

** The font Dr Seuss was found under free fonts, click here for the site:  font here  and what is cooler is the upper case is the character images in Dr. Seuss.

** I looked up Dr. Seuss quotes under this link:  Dr. Seuss Link for quotes

** the elephant and Dr. Seuss is from the sticker set  DR SEUSS STICKER SET bought at Target 2 years ago!

** red & black brads are from a stash 
** i inked around the edge with black ink from Ctmh

I got to say in my defense..     the card looks a lot cuter in person than here...  i got a new camera - perhaps I will blame it on the camera  LOL

Please leave a comment - would love to know what your fav quote or book is from Dr. Seuss

Please head on over to  JANET's Blog  blog and see what Dr. Seuss project is next!


  1. Cute card Doris!! I love that quote! I hope you all are safe and didn't get any damage from that last storm that went through.

  2. Very cute project, Doris!! I used to say that quote a lot when I was a kid, leaving out that "Elephant" line ... I meant what I said and I said what I meant. LOVE Dr. Seuss!!!

    Imagine that!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  3. Nice projects, I would have to say Green eggs and Ham of course!!!

    mzcherub at gmail dot com

  4. Super cute, I have that font as well but it wouldn't work with festite. :(

  5. Doris - this is so cute! Thank you!

  6. cute cute it


  7. Super cute and I too love that font :D

    Jenn Lorist

  8. Very cute project! I am loving everything so far!


  9. Cute! Nice being in the hop with you.

  10. I love your card. I had to laugh about your camera comment, because that is the same thing I thought about my project. I am also in this hop. I think you did a great job. I love it! My favorite books are "Green Eggs and Ham" and "Are you My Mother?" They are the most fun to read. My kids love it and I love getting into character. :) Enjoyed participating in this hop with everyone. fun and challenging!

    Angie, atuttletime at gmail dot com

  11. Gotta love Horton! Too bad everyone can't be that dedicated or loyal!

  12. cute card --- I love Dr. Seuss also and remember reading the book to my daughter when she was growing up and now my granddaughter loves Dr. Seuss and she will be celebrating her first birthday this weekend! My favorite book is Horton Hears a Who. Pleausure hopping with you
    Hugs, Love, and Pixie Dust
    Her Craftiness

  13. Green Eggs and Ham is my favorite Dr. Seuss book, but they are all wonderful.

    Cute card too!


  14. Love that quote from Dr. Seuss -- great job!


  15. I think you did all crafters proud using your computer skills and ingenuity to create such a cute card. Thank you for being part of this hop and hugs from Jearise in Lorby's World.

  16. Cute card- thanks for sharing a link to the Seuss font- I have a Horton stamp and the font would be great for when I make cards with it!

  17. Super cute card I love this hop.

    DIANA L.

  18. Forget about the camera looks GREAT! Favorite one is "ARE YOU MY MOTHER"?

    Creative Wishes,