Friday, March 23, 2012

VINYL projects..

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What will I show you today??   I am going to show you the different ideas you can put Vinyl on.   I love Vinyl. Many are intimated by what to do with them.  today, I will show you different things I have used Vinyl on.  perhaps you might have seen a few of my posts from last year..  and hopefully you will see many ideas that are new and give Vinyl a chance.

Imagine Vinyl is very different from Regular shiny vinyl you that you would buy from either Cricut or the other various companies.  You can use Vinyl on clothing, walls, vehicle/ home / business windows, home decor, containers, cards, scrapbooks, school projects, etc.. the list goes on!!  Remember there are different types of vinyl as well...

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Here is a few examples where I have used Vinyl!!

wall in a teenagers room

 In our church.. THIS is can be used for your home or business

click here to see more of this bowl and details

Sports mania and printing 101 cartridges were used for this awesome car decal!  It has been on my car window for nearly 2 years through the weather and car washes and still going strong!  I used regular vinyl.

click here for more info on the boat vinyl cartridges used

THIS WAS FUN!  CHOCOLATE PAPER AND THE WORDS YOU SEE. OTHER SIDE WAS HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  this is used at our church after service when our pastor's wife recognizes birthdays/anniversaries and these words are what we sing to them...  ALL ON A WHITE PAPER SACK
click here for more details on this mug    Superman cartridge is used.

 CONTAINERS FOR HIS TOY BOATS.  a birthday present (request from his mom)  I DECORATED ALL SIDES!  click here to see more details on what cartridges for the container