Monday, March 12, 2012

How did I get into cricut - and some blog candy..

HOW DID I GET INTO CRICUT.... The question has been asked...
Today over at, Erica has asked us how we got into Cricut and then to link to Inlinz to enter to try and WIN the Cricut Exclusive SOPHIE CARTRIDGE..

 This story goes back to the day Cricut was on HSN or was it QVC.. a little over 5yrs now..  oops..  I and my then Son-in-Law were making cards and stamping.  As the TV was on - we heard the UPCOMING NEXT ON...  and it caught our attention.  and then we saw the Micheals AD that was premiering a showing of the CRICUT!..  we had time..  WE WENT to observe!   I also bought my 40% coupon and so did my (then)  Son-in-law. 

 SO as we stood there in AWE of this awesome cutting of circles and letters (and not ME cutting with scissors) - I was SOLD...   literally.. I bought the Cricut baby and a cartridge WITH the 40% off coupons...   that didn't last long being able to use coupons as I bought a few more over the next month.   

I played and played and even ruined my first mat as I discovered..  construction paper IS NOT good for the mat.  I got on-line and learned all I could - joined the message board and boy.. oh... boy...  that was the start of my addiction!!

shortly after I & my cricut baby became better friends we went to a scrapbooking retreat where I took my cricut  and several cartridges and worked all weekend creating..  MANY ladies came over to my new toy and many played for their projects too.  long story short...  the next year many of the women had a cricut of their own.   I became friends with one of the women from that weekend (i sold ctmh and she was my fav customer) - we were sitting around a bunch of us and she said...  Remember when that lady had the cricut and all that stuff..  LOL  she was talking about me..

I have since become addicted to having these awesome cartridges and machines as the Expression was PERFECT and was happy using just my E until last year when I gave in and bought a E cake and the Imagine...  I am so hooked on the Imagine now too!  I have grown so much in creating thanks to awesome blogs and I too started a blog and now on this AWESOME Design TEAM Cricut Craft Room (link is at top and bottom)  so with well over I think 180 cartridges... Imagine and regular)   I am still wanting them all!!

I have to share and tell you I got the gypsy because my friend got mine and i WANTED one.. but hubby said no.. I was playing with hers to learn how to use it etc..   need less to say - I hooked my cartridges onto it to play with and THEN I found out - that was a no-no and I HAD to buy it from her and she bought another!  and the gypsy became into my family..

I especially love creating for others and showing / sharing them how awesome CRICUT is and what it can do for them!!  Several hubby's are probably not the happiest with me.. but in the long run - I know they think it's cool what their wives have made!  My friend, Brenda and I started a Cricut Swarm but that kind of blew over as everyone was to busy in the summer..  we are going to start up again soon.. i hope!!  I enjoy being with other cricut-eers!

One day.. I hope to be in the Cricut Circle!

WHAT IS YOUR STORY of how you got into CRICUT??  please share with us but make sure you go to here to learn how, etc..  CLICK HERE to enter your Cricut Story!

ps.... I have stopped buying stickers and die-cuts, etc.. now that I too can create many of these!  Isn't this fun!!!!

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  1. What an awesome deal you got on your first machine! Too bad they don't accept coupons for the machines anymore. Glad you joined the Cricut world!

    DT sis ~ Tiffany