Saturday, May 21, 2011

4 post it notes and 2 ink pads and a stamp set - how fun could this be!!

I was going through past cards and projects i made and thought this was a fun card to make. SO.. I wanted to share it with you.  POST IT NOTE were used. I believe I only used 4 sheets.  I used  2 colors of ink and a Close to my heart stamp set  ANY stamp set would be ideal...   I positioned the post it's in a design to leave a space on the card.  I then inked that area with a color.  move the post it's to different areas and switch colors.  I left a space in the middle for the highlight of my card; here it is a flag.  when the card is covered I used a tissue or a sponge and wiped the card, it kind of spreads the ink across other colors. You then use the stamps of choice where ever you choose.    Make sure you position the stamp set off the page for a more realistic look.          EASY PEESY and such an unique, fun card.


  1. Hello new friend...come on I always have fresh coffee! thanks so much for commenting on my! I appreicate your kind words...
    take care and keep in touch...
    love the butterfly!!!

  2. Hi Doris...I am glad you found me and I you! What great ideas and cards.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh wow, Doris -- this is so awesome! I love the post-it note idea and the stamps are so great!

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  4. How fun, and it is truly one of a kind - there will never be another one that comes out exactly like it :)