Thursday, May 26, 2011

lil boy holding a bag of food that will be dehyrdated for the hungry in Africa.

**This lil boy made at 9.24 inches was helped created by my 6yr old who was helping for God's kids.  brown hair & the chalk to highhlight his hair is from ctmh.  **Blue and green scraps from various companies was used for his shirt and shorts and created out of the cartridge Everyday Paper Dolls. ** I used chalk from CTMH  for the cheeks and not my best work but around his lips and his clothing.  **A black marker was used to highlight around his clothes.**  White chalk marker around his shoes, ** the initials JC on his shirt were odd n ends of embellishments from a Christmas set from some time ago./ *** Do you know what JC stands for???   **His eyes are the google eyes from Michaels.   

The food is cut-out from the newspaper to represent the foods that will be packaged in a baggie for Africa.  (I, of course missed a few things) They will be dehydrated in sealed bags.  We will make 7,239 bags with the members of our church.  (prayers please) Our youth group during the 30hr famine recently had completed (I believe) 2,000 bags.

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