Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Thanks to Linda Scott on over at   She got me started on printing them out by alpha (ex: looking for a heart... look under HEART and you would see all the cartridges that had hearts)  Weeeelll...  this list has grown from 35 pages to 140 pages and there are so many many files of information regarding the cricut cartridges! 

SO.. What I have done is..  go under the master sheets under by cartridges.. and print out a sheet for me to keep next to my cartridge I own...  I add on the top under cartridge what functions the cartridge has. Here is an example:
IF you would like this and more of these.. here is a way to get them.  GO to the link I have at the top..
** either register in her site OR sign in.
** click on LINK
** click on FILES
  there is TONS of info on this page.  click on the different links to see all kinds of valuable info that Linda has put together over the years)
** MY files are under  DORIS PARKER SHEETS

I don't have them all done but I will continue getting them together.  I am basically doing the ones I have first and then will do the other ones.

JUST to add..  I print off my cricut cartridge sheets from  under INFORMATION then under LIBRARY.

let me know if you are printing these off and find them useful..


  1. OMG Thank you so much this is very very very helpful.


  2. I love your book, this will be so helpful! Where did you get the (what I believe is) skintone pan tone colors? It for use with the Imagine or Copics? I would LOVE to have a copy of that. By the way - I'm a new follower! :o)