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Show Me Your Craft Room Blog Hop - 20 -23 Jan 2012   IS sponsoring this awesome Blog hop.. So head on over there if you are just coming across my blog.  
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  We hope to inspire you with new ideas for your own craftroom/space.
This is a no obligation hop, so if you would like to just browse through the space's, that is totally ok!  This hop will be open all weekend long!  So no rush!
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Here is the line up~

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Doris-   ME
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So please as you get started - there are a lot of pictures -
(and I didn't even use all my pictures....
so a potty break and a refill of your drink might be needed..  I am so excited you are here.  My first time to share my room. 

  I just moved into this home recently and been trying to get it cleaned up and organized since I joined this Blog Hop.. 
I am in the finished (??) basement - most room my hubby would give me :) 
This is my CRICUT BOOK..  It holds all the print outs of every cartridge and Imagine cartridge I own (well almost.. waiting for Cricut to update their library)  it has a Cricut Cheat Sheet that tell me ALL that is on that cartridge. and I have print out's of the RGB's for a quick reference as well as some Cricut tips, PKS faces tips, etc..  IF you's like more info o the Cheat Sheets  - let me know in comments (make sure your e-mail is there)

curtain holders holds up the punches above my cabinet of stamps.
This is my list that goes in the inside of the container that goes along with the cartridges inside and all the functions it has.  Sorry it's a little dark.   This is how I see it when I look for a cartridge

this is the container that holds 10 cartridges and the books and overlay.  

18 containers fir in the larger container - I have then all cartridges in one place!

work area - I know messy!

misc needed items

My new collection of Copic markers   - now I need to use to learn them properly  LOL

flowers galore and I just added Tulle to this area

glue sticks, hot glue and magnets 

tim holtz distressing and access
Making Memories paint - love them!!
another view.

pop dots, glue etc  galore

 all my stickles and smooches
I am always seeing household items being used - so here goes to recycling!!

markers galore
this is my sheet from Tim Holtz for heat embossing, his alcohol inks, etc...- love it!!
Here is the Imagine cartridges  -you can hold A LOT!!  24 of them - I had 2 of them out.. I don't have the print out done yet on this container.
embellishments are mostly stored here...  the pink container all stickles & smooches  the white butterfly container is chalks and markers  the pink and blue lil bins is fibers, ribbons in packages, etc.. Ctmh ribbons, brads etc in on the bottom shelf as well as the embossing etc..  flowers, glues, etc  all sit here too.  small containers of brads, buttons, etc are all kept together (sits next to the container with pink lid)

keep my cricut stuff here with mats all hanging on. 

this shelf holds all my magazines, and all cricut access. gypsy incl.  The lg container holds all my cricut cords (below), Imagine ink, pens for cricut that have never been used!! rewards, etc..  I keep all my chipboard for cutting on the shelf below. 
the lil container with white lid is for my cricut cake access.   See my gypsy sleeve..  That container and another hold all those cricut cuts that never made it or I had the cut and wrote the size on there - left overs, misc projects worked on go here!!

cuttlebug blue binder and this green container hold all my embossing folders and yet.. I need/want more  folders  LOL  so this shelf is my embossing shelf!

this shelf besides the embossing holds cards of different sizes, shapes, and colors  they are premade card bases. Also containers near the top holds embellishments galore. and blank albums on the bottom shelf  The coffee cup is still awaiting a name to be put on there...  See my Cricut Mini... on the shelf alone...

PAPER! PAPER! PAPER!!  I love paper!  Can you tell!!  patterned - solid - vellum - 12x12  -81/2 x11 -  and it's here. What order is it in..  only I can know  LOl  I have it sectioned out by themes only..  it's a mess BUT still a work in progress.  the stand up with all the colors is my ctmh paper by color 2 colors to a stand.   
The black binders on bottom shelf is CM binders full of every sticker & rub on I have been collecting for years.  I stopped buying so much when I got my cricut BUT I cannot get rid of it and  challenge myself to use it now.    See the top row - I keep misc stuff there  -wooden stamps, misc crafts for kids.  The first shelf  -the bottom 3 shelves hold all my Christmas more info a couple of pics below

a closer look at my paper - I love PAPER!!!
wooden stamps.  I use to fill up 2 shelves (from top to bottom not the single shelf) full BUT then I discovered Acrylic and I downsized!

Christmas galore!  the white boxes all hold PAPER!! as well as the stand up!  Container with red/green, etc polka dots - this is ALL my Christmas Ribbon.  container  on very bottom holds all kinds of embellishments and misc Christmas / winter / items

acrylic stamps and acrylic blocks cabinet.  The black binder holds misc acrylic  stamps from many companies.  Blue container holds currently the on-line companies (ex: k andrews, mps, mct, PBD, etc.. I don't have many yet BUT I am working on it!)   
The black cases AND the big clear one with stamps standing up is ALL CTMH  sectioned by words, months, misc, fonts, etc..  
I have in a small container and will need a bigger one soon is the PKS holder of faces.  I just signed up for the monthly PKS stamp club and will need a new holder too for that!

my Peachy Keen Stamp faces..  I want them all - i need to USE them more too. LOL!!

side view  the back room holds the boxes, bags, etc.. cartridges boxes

A view..  See the top row it is too filled with comp books, mini albums, tons of binder clips, wooden items, etc..ALL kinds of bulky items!

whew. a mess but this rack holds all the misc stuff I use to decorate with or shall I say.. ON...   all kinds of stuff goes on here.. 

THIS is all my scrap patterned paper!  3 containers full!  I have small baggies if there were quite a a bit of the same cut and pattern,
this my friends is a mess to you.. but I actually have it organized. 
a 12x12 bag holds a color family or a few depending on the color.  (you can see the blue bag on top)  they actually sit up in this container.
I have tons of sheets I need to cut apart to put into their homes... That's what you see as the mess...  the sheets can be 1/2 or even smaller - if I can punch through it or cut it up - it stays!

60 + ink pads fit here in this photo case.. the other side of photo case is flat for water brushes, small embellishments, I even had at one time the spritzer for cleaning and pad to wipe.

misc container of  paintbrushes, sponges, spritzers, brayers, etc..

see the other holders.. ready for more paperwork..  My walls cannot hold shelves as this is a "fake" wall up against the cement wall.  Sooner or later I want to paint them..

I must have some organization since I became involved with a Design team and I have a few guest Spots and MANY blog hops i am happily enjoying.  I type it up and hang it here on this wall.  This one is my monthly calendar with my Design team that I printed and then I keep all my info pertaining to those days I create for.. and even when I send the previews off, etc....
A basket of paint chips and color combo's.. A needed for any craft room!

One must have some music, a few pictures and my trusty crop-a-dile's along with a few shaped rulers

MY ribbon wall that is NOT in containers...     SEE the black 3 binders - these hold LO's NOT even completed yet.. got the paper, the pictures and perhaps a saying and drawing to be done..
junp rings on picture holders
dowels held up by curtain holders
clothes pins hold up on curtain holder.

I HOPE I have inspired you in some way for your craft supplies and/or craft room.   Please leave me a message.. TELLING ME WHAT YOU THINK OF MY ROOM  and if any questions  -ask away BUT please leave your e-mail addy. 

time for a refill of your favorite drink, a potty break and onto my bloggy friend, Haidee and her awesome craft room...   HAIDEE's blog 

IF you take my button, become a follower, sign up for my e-mail (all on left side) -I will give you a big virtual hug but make sure to leave your blog addy so I can visit and do the same in return!


  1. Wow Doris, you've got it all! What a great space you have! Thanks for the tour! Fellow design team member,

  2. LOVE IT, What a wonderful space, nice and big and full of fun crafty stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    The Determined Scrapper

  3. I like the storage container for the Ranger Inks. I think you like paper! lol TFS!!

  4. Wow,, love it!!! especially the punch holder (Curtain Rod).
    am a new follower!!

  5. Your room is awesome! Lots of fun crafty items. I love the Cricut Notebook. TFS
    Barbara B

  6. Wow, you have a lot of stuff!! Nice place

    My organizational skills are i put my clear stamps in a cd case!

    I am your new follower, follow me please
    Gaby B.

  7. Doris,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I am so impressed! Do you actually use all of that stuff? My problem is my addiction to buying 'stuff' and not getting around to actually using them. Find a sticker,, buy if for that one perfect pic that I know that I have,,,, somewhere. Then there is my lack of creative imagination. I 'crop lift' a lot of ideas. I am years behind in my albums. When I started I had a group of co-workers who would get together often for crops. Time passes and people move on and scrapping alone just isn't as much fun. My scrap area is in a section of my dining/living room and consists of a desk which holds my Cricut, 4 jukeboxes and the Your Story with all of my cartridges stacked on the top of the open lid and ribbon on the little dowells for supplies. I do my scrapping/card making on a large dining table that only gets used for family/holiday gatherings. I have the Design Studio... can't figure out how to use it well. I got a Gypsy right before Christmas and keep playing with it but that, too is frustrating me. Provocraft puts out all of these gadgets with very little instruction. I am going to have to break down and buy the Gypsy A-Z from Above Rubies and pray that is helpful. (All of the videos that I watch make it SEEM so easy to use!) ;-)

    I love you your Cricut cheat sheets and am anxiously awaiting the listing of more of the cartridges that I own. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

    Thanks for sharing your room and I look forward to many ideas from you.

    Betty Jo

  8. love the ideas >>>especially on the scraps makes me feel normal!

  9. Your Space is Great! I love the Cricut Cheat Sheet Awesome! I am your newest follower! I hope you can stop by my blog when you get a chance!


    1. Great room full of fun crafty things.
      Katsews at Gmail dotcom

  10. Awesome room and space!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  11. I need to update my Cricut notebook too. I love all the ribbon you have. It's the obsession that I don't use enough of. I keep collecting ribbon but don't use it as fast as I buy it. Thanks Dana

  12. I love your wall 'storage' for your cricut mats! Great space saving idea!
    New follower. My favorite tip? Put things away when you're done with them. No sense in needing to clean before you start the next time!

  13. wow - that was fabulous! i love reading how every organizes and as long as you know where everything is - that's what counts! i was drooling over your paper rack! lol - i just had to tone mine down a make room for more lol - thanks for sharing

  14. Doris, I am uber impressed with your room! Lots of fun ways to store your STUFF and I can see you are having fun since you know where to look for whatever you need!! LOVE the cheat sheet and hope you can send me a copy or let me know where to find it. I also like hanging the mats on the wall!Enjoy your crafting...I think you might be short a yard of ribbon...LOL!
    My fav tip is the one I use putting ALL my "I must use these" embellishments " hanging in clear page protectors on a rod. What a difference it has made!
    New follower and glad to be in the hop with you, sharing and inspiring others.
    Creative Wishes,

  15. Great crafting space. Love your Cricut Cartridge book. I have mine in a book too and love flipping through it. Thanks for sharing. Blessing, Linda

  16. I am so enjoying this hop..Love your ribbon set up!

  17. It's great to know that I am not the only one who saves every scrap for possible future use. Waste not, want not!

    Betty Jo

  18. It is nice to see someone with more paper than me. :)

    I do not have a craft room or even area for that matter so I can't keep my stuff all neat like you. I do keep my ribbons in clear plastic shoe boxes from The Container Store so I can see them. They are organized by color and I also have special Christmas and Fall ribbon boxes. Thinking of doing the same for my flowers because they are all hanging on my Clip it up now and I need to make space for other embellishments.

  19. What a wonderful creative space, so many nooks and creative places and storage. Thanks for sharing.

  20. I love your space! I bet you create a lot of GREAT stuff in there! You have inspired me to hang my ribbon. I have quite a bit but I think I hang some to add color to my space.. LOVE IT! I would be interested in the cheat sheets for the Cricut. I have a CE and a CE2.. LOVE THEM! TFS! I am a follower and would be honored if you would check out my blog and do the same at ACreativeJourneywithMelissa. blogspot dot com. Have a wonderful day!

  21. have everything set up for ease of use. I enjoyed your tour.

  22. I love your space! you have great organizational ideas...especially with the ribbons I wish I could do that but since I am in a loft style apt with cats and a dog well you get the picture it wouldn't work out to leave them where they can be played with is for me not them...hehe...thanks for sharing. :)

  23. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  24. am so jealous of your ribbon wall, love that

  25. Great room, I noticed your TH distress inks aren't labeled. Ranger has a printout full of the labels for them just in case you weren't aware. I need to make a Cricut binder now that I've finally passed 30, LOL I know soo behind everyone else.

  26. Man, what a great room... or basement . The ribbon wall just made me so envy your room... Thanks for sharing

  27. Great space, looks like you have a good sized room. I just bought a gypsy from a friend and would love to have some of your cricut cheat sheets as I think it might be easier to see whats on the cartridges. I would appreciate if you could send me a link, Hugz, Kim (

  28. Great space! I would love more info on the cricut binder and your DT calendar. Thank you for following me and i look forward to following you. BTW there are never to many pictures of Scrap studio,lol

  29. Oops! Forgot my email

  30. Oh wow, Doris, what a fabulous craft room!! I especially love your wall of ribbon!! Thank you for letting us see into your crafty world!! Awesome pictures :)


  31. Another ribbon hoarder! Love it! Love your space too! TFS CallyAnn

  32. Doris, I love all your space that you have in your room. Love the ribbon wall. So easy to see what you have when needing a certain ribbon. I also like your hook for your heat gun. Mine is on the floor. I see that your Tim Holtz craft sheet is rolled up! I have 4 of them out on my table all the time. I use them (and so do my friends) for everything. No need to put down a sheet of paper to stamp on. I love those. Of course I had to wait for 50% off coupons to get each one. They are quite spendy. tfs big bloggy hugs Tami

    Tambos Creations!

  33. Thanks for the tour of your craft room. I would love your cheat sheets and any other info in your Cricut reference book that you would be willing to share. Thanks for the offer. My email is
    dr_goss at yahoo dot com

  34. Great favorite organizing idea was that photo container where you store your ink ink pads...will have to try it . Thanks for sharing
    Creative Mine by Maria

  35. Wow, you have so much stuff! I'd love to see more on the Cricut cheat sheets.


  36. oh my goodness... love your space and the great idea to store your ink pads... I have two of the same photo storage with this idea i am going to be doing some switching

  37. Holy Moly and I thought I had a lot of paper... Thank you so much for sharing your incredible scrapbooking room..


  38. Very nice space . Would love to have your Cricut cheat sheets. Thanks for all the ideas.

  39. Doris, I would love other information on three things........the cartridge lists you offered, the Creative Memories paint (what do you use it for and why do you like it so much?) and what is that Tim Holtzman mat for heating you were talking about? I would love any help you can give!

  40. I would love to see your cricut cheat sheets! i love how you store them :) also, what kind of container do you use for your imagine carts? Thanks :)


  41. Thanks so much for taking the time to show us your craft room and all of your great organizational ideas. Your space is awesome!! I would love your cheat sheets and any other info in your Cricut reference book that you would be willing to share. My email address is paperpetalmemories at gmail dot com Thanks!

  42. Great storage ideas Doris - thanks for sharing!

  43. Wow you are a collector like me lol I would love a copy of your Cricut cheat sheets ..what a time saver ..also I would suggest a wire curtain rod for your fake could hamg them two or three of them and hang your embellies artwork, design calendar etc, it has been a great thing for me . Also loved your ribbon wall ..uber awesome
    scrappy Val

  44. Thank you so much for sharing your craft world with us! The binder that you have made up is fab! I was hoping to get a little more information on it too if you don't mind. I found out how to print the cheat sheet for the carts but was curious about the other cheat sheets you have. I'm also in awe of your collection of stamps and ribbon! I have an addition to both too hehe! Tfs!
    Chris.kim33 at yahoo dot com

  45. okay, my mouth was OPEN the whole time lol, Girl you got PAPER, LOL See your spoiled too, lol TFS happy to be in the hop with you!!!

  46. Great room! I love your tips. I would love to have the cheat sheet please. You did a great job organizing it. Thank you so much for allowing us to invade your space. Be blessed.


  47. awesome crafts room! love how you have your cricut cartridges printed out! and all of your ribbon, wow! following you now! enjoy your blog!