Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Are these cute or what???

I recently got the Imagine and in the meantime have been "collecting" cartridges for it.. LOL  I WANT ALL the Imagine cartridges!  IT is way to much fun!!  Between my grandkids wanting cuts and changing colors to my playing with it and creating for my 25 days of Christmas..   and soon my hubby will have a design on his mugs...  I can only "imagine"..  LOL  only Imagine..   LOL

So this post is just a WOW!!  look at what the Imagine can do.  It cuts so nice - even between the arms, legs, etc.  so so cute & awesome!   I will still use my Expression and Gypsy, as they still can do things that no machine can  do!! but not lately....    I am anxiously (see I didn't put patiently) awaiting for the Imagine to be created on my Gypsy!!

I didn't cut this one.  We (me & my granddaughter) wanted the letters changed to a peppermint color/pattern.  BUT is this not the cutest image in the Santa's Village!!!  She is going to color it and hang it up on her door!    The middle circle DID SAY...  "OR"  but I will put rub'on's on it!

look at the brown and the highlighting of colors and the cut - awesome huh!!  these are 2 cuts that my 7yr old just had to have! He changed the colors of the gingerbread (green and his buttons)  and the bear just his bow tie!

awesome sled.  changed the reigns and the sled to blue...  Jayden has these hanging up on his door!

I have so much more to learn... Do you have any sites where you have learned A LOT about the Imagine???  if so.. please do share.

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