Saturday, December 31, 2011

Imagine do/don't for the vinyl

So I messed up 2 sheets of Imagine vinyl..  Wanna know the answer to this...
See the letter C   this is the sticky on the mat - stuck to the mat...  UGH!
my poor mat   when the vinyl made for the Imagine placed not correctly on the Imagine Mat - it sticks really bad!! and is harder than anything to get off.  My first impression was..  NOT EVER AGAIN!!  what a mess and time consuming to get the vinyl off. LOOK AT THE MESS IT CREATED.  err.. okay... I created.....

SO.. the answer to this problem is... READ DIRECTIONS and place the paper side DOWN on the sticky mat....  NEVER will this happen again. as you will see when on 9th Jan you will see what I made during Erica's craft Room 100 cartridge Blog Hop!!

I'm sharing this just in case you are going to try this!  The Imagine Vinyl is made for the Imagine machine and it comes off like a sticker.. cool huh!  okay... off to clean my mat   (sigh...)

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